Your heart and soul is in it.

“Describing a workshop is always tricky. You can describe the exercises and the assignments, but a lot of the details, the unique approach and the personal touch of the person leading the workshop, goes lost. This is especially the case for this workshop by Stefan Perceval, due to the fact that it’s Stefans unique style, his enthusiasm, involvement an proximity towards the participants that forms a big part of the “magic” that makes this workshop “work”. He doesn’t demand anything from his participants he wouldn’t demand from himself, no more, no less. But nobody else could achieve the same results just by coping these exercises. You can use them as an inspiration for your own approach, but the most important thing is that the workshop is truly “yours” and your heart and soul is in it.”

Verslag naar aanleiding van een workshop die Stefan in Finland gaf in de week van 26 juni ’14.


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  1. Proficiat voor de waardering die uit dit commentaar blijkt. Wij zijn trots op u.

    Verzonden van mijn ASUS Pad

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