Snowball – Belgian Children Multimedia Fantasy by Stefan Perceval.

China maakt zich op om het team van Bolleke sneeuw te ontvangen, nu nog een avontuur straks een ervaring.

SNOWBALL – Belgian Children Multimedia Fantasy by Stefan Perceval

SNOWBALL is a poetical performance that uses different theatrical elements: text, video projection, music, and singing, dancing and acting. All of these are used in specially designed scenery. The audience is seated in a kind of ball, like a snowball or a snow globe. As a result the audience is at the middle of everything that is going on during the performance. Because of this, the children experience different things (images, noises, bits of text, emotions, reactions of other children, etc.) You can trust on it that the children will make their own story of this play.
Established in 1942, the Royal Theatre for Children (KJT), has been dominating the theatre for children and youngsters for a long time. In order to make theatre even more accessible, HETPALEIS started with a project to bring theatre to the pupils instead of the pupils to the theatre: Snowball is one of the most important original works.

Date:  2009-11-04 / 2009-11-05 / 2009-11-06 / 2009-11-07 / 2009-11-08

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